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Our name Stubborn Software Solutions enlightens of Implementing Willful Solutions for the toughest problems for the best end results. Problems may have many possible solutions, very few efficient ones and only one RIGHT solution. To find the right solution requires the right approach, and the right approach is not always easy. It takes a Willful & Positive approach to implement the right solution, the determination to conquer, an indomitable spirit-the spirit of Stubborn Software Solutions.

About Logo:


1. Software Drop.
2. Flexible.
4.Reaching Skies.
5.Feet on the Ground.
6.Perfect Mouth.
7. Perfect Beelly.

Our logo embodies the philosophy of Stubborn Software Solutions. a philosophy of thirst for knowledge with the desire to give the best back to society. A philosophy of flexibility combined with will. And a philosophy of reaching for the skies with feet firmly planted on the ground.