PEOPLE Stubborn Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., (Stubbornsoft)

A panel of technical experts supported by a team of top-notch professional adept quality assurance systems to ensure adherence to international standards. At Stubbornsoft well-documented procedures provide for traceability of process stages, which ensures total control. The quality system includes periodic top management review, a comprehensive quality plan and the implementation of recommendations made by the quality audits and quality circles. Scheduled inspection of equipment and systems ensures freedom form defect, so as to avoid any deviations from the deadlines and commitments as specified by the clientele. Stubbornsoft ensures that each project undertaken is conceived, analyzed, designed and implemented for long and effective utility and in time. Quality is key line in all our products. The emphasis of total quality management ensures quality at every stage. Different development processes are tested repeatedly so that their interaction can be studied and precautions can be taken to eradicate troubleshooting in future.