Data Processing

Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions has a wide range of Data entry services to offer. Every process is carried out with the motive of superior Client satisfaction. We understand any mid or large size Organization requires Data entry providers with an eye for quality and can meet deadline at a competitive price. And we make this happen with proper planning and team work.

All types of online and offline Data entry is convincingly handled at Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions. Transferring of the documents or files can be done online through Internet or by courier for hard copies. With our Data protection agreement all your confidential documents remains safe with our team members.

Online Data Entry

Offline data entry

Image entry

Handwritten / Card Entry

Legal Documents Entry

Insurance Claim Entry

No matter how big or small the projects, at Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions professional standards are not compromised at any cost. Once you have assigned any of the above Data entry process to Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions, our staff ensures complete commitment and confidentiality towards the assignment.
The above listed are our core services, similarly there are other Data processing tasks undertaken by us. We focus on providing complete Data entry solutions for our Clients. If you can’t find the Data entry service required by you in the top list, you can mail or call us as per your convenience with the details. We will be glad to assist you with accurate information and right package that’s best suitable

Data Conversion

In the modern business environment, enormous amount of data is being circulated internally and externally. Data exists in all sorts of format. Not just in the physical form but even in the electronic version. There are the standard and non standard or unique formats. This has made data conversion an integral part of today’s business environment. As it is a specialized and a very important job, most companies prefer data conversion outsourcing. Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions is one of the most successful companies involved in data conversion in India.

Data conversion helps in creating a very modern approach to conducting business today. Sensitive data can be secured by converting them into a unique format operable only by special software. Converted data also helps to structure data within an organization. Existing data can be easily checked for redundancy and latest information can be added, where needed. Complex data can be simplified to be easily understood and analyzed. Storage and easy retrieval of data becomes a very simple task due to conversion.

Data conversion undertaken for the following:

A data conversion project may be of converting data from printed form to a digital version, data from one language into another, data from different software, different file formats etc. Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions has the required resources to enable it fulfill the most complicated client requirements in a data conversion project. This comes from the considerable experience we have in this field. The latest high speed scanners, data processors, computer network with high speed internet, latest software and specially trained, alert personnel are available to help us complete our projects to your satisfaction.

Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions always stays connected to the latest changes taking place in the current business scenario regarding data conversion and other related activities. That combined with its experience in the field and understanding of your requirements, it can help you with the right solution for your business. Our data conversion services are one of the most economical ones in the industry.

Data Capture

Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions deals in various manual, automated data capture and web data capture services as part of its regular operations. The data from your contracts, forms, bills, invoices and other documents can be captured through our specialized software and generated as an electronic file. This can be used for different purposes like analyzing, billing and even auditing. Highly accurate and hassle free data at your finger tips. Automated advanced data capture from documents eliminates the errors caused by manual entry like lost invoices, bills and other data entry.

Continuous collection, processing, analyzing of data from various sources and its distribution to the right place at the right time, is a highly specialized job in today’s business environment. Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions understands this and the several factors involved in a highly efficient and reliable data capture system. That’s why we have put in place all the technology and human resources required to handle this extremely sensitive and vital job. Our data capture service aims to ease your mind from any kind of impediment your business might face due to lost data, improper or inefficient tracking systems, inability to receive proper feedback etc.

Our services include the following:

This translates into better financial reporting and financial control; which in turn leads to better understanding of business objectives, situations, planning and execution of business plans. Besides this, Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions also is involved in web data capture. It involves capturing data from documents to the web, retrieving data from online resources, separating it, analyzing it and sending them online or offline as need be.

The normal process of data capture involves scanning of the data manually or through automated software. This procedure has a very high level of accuracy. This material is enhanced to reduce any errors in data. Then the matter is extracted through a highly precise technology without disturbing its original format. Finally, the data is compiled as per the needs of the customer. This is in keeping with the industry standards. Data capture also brings ease of use, great convenience and enormous amount of savings in manual labour costs. Besides this, it also means environment friendly approach due to reduction in paper usage

Data Extraction

All successful organization knows the importance of having data at its fingertips. However, with business spread all over the globe, data extraction even within an organization proves to be a mind boggling exercise. And if that was not enough, you need to extract data from online sources, websites etc. Anticipating the stress this poses for running an efficient company in terms of technology, office space, human resource etc. Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions offers data extraction service at reasonable rates.

We also do web data extraction, where we search and list the websites associated with your business. Data extracted from these sources are then compiled in different formats of your choice. This puts at your disposal the latest market trends, competitor prices, products, consumer preference etc. It works in favor of the company by providing highly accurate data, in a very accessible format like Excel, Access, My SQL etc. It also translates into low cost and savings in man hours. This lets the company fully focus its energy and resources towards planning and implementing of better product and services, thanks to an efficient database at hand.
Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions is fully equipped to handle any volume of work, big, small or medium in a very professional manner. Lots of our clients have benefited from our expertise and continue to do business with us. This confidence comes from the fact that Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions is always up-to-date on the latest software, business practices, market trends, technology and a competent highly trained staff.

We gauge your requirements through various factors like size of the data, place, time etc. Then we suggest the most beneficial solution available to you. After your approval, our staff starts the process of information extraction that you seek. Using the latest software and equipments, we gather the data from different sources and present to you in a very structured format.