PDF Conversion

The Portable Document Format (PDF) has become quite popular for online and offline use. So a large number of companies have switched to this format. PDF is a very user friendly application. Many PDF readers are freely available online. It can carry text, images or both. Easily editable, searchable, browser friendly and supports a wide variety of fonts and layouts. Companies mainly use it for brochures, forms, annual reports, guidelines etc. This has resulted in huge demand for properly created PDF documents. Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions offers cost effective but highly professional conversion and PDF creation services.

While PDF converting is common, care has to be taken in the presentation of the document, font size, style, bookmarks, images etc. So while most data from the original can be converted and made into PDF some data may prove problematic. Then a manual reproduction or suitable alternative may have to be found. Data can be converted from hard copy materials or digital files like MS Word documents, HTML, Excel sheets, Txt files etc. Images can also be converted into PDF files like JPEG, TIFF, BMP and more.

We can make PDF out of the following

Businesses going for PDF conversion outsourcing get their data converted into a very sleek and widely distributed format in the market. Any future updating of contents is easily done in PDF. Reliability and security of data is easily managed. It proves cost effective for the company, frees up office space, human resources etc. These resources can be put to better use in furthering the business.

Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions converts and creates PDF using the best tools, technology and talent available in the market. We can deliver huge volume of work within the given time frame with the assurance of the highest professional quality service. This has been our endeavor in all our data processing services and our clients can vouch for it


Formats in programming language like extensible Markup Language (XML), Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) or extensible Hyper Text Markup Language (XHTML) are converted from any desired document format as a part of Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solution’s web services. This is often a necessity for many web related business. And it is equally important to let an expert handle these kinds of data conversion tasks, to avoid hassles later on.

Data is converted into these programming languages to enable it for viewing on net. Data can be uploaded without conversion however then it would only be downloadable not viewable. Hence, there is an unavoidable need to convert data into html or other similar language; which our team of programmers can handle efficiently. All the information saved in the data are discreetly converted keeping the confidentiality of the information, intact.

Listed below are the services related to data conversion offered by us:

Programming is a very crucial part of website development and hence needs to be handled by skilled and efficient personnel. And we at Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions understand this requirement very well, which shows in our web services. We team up with your staff to give you the best possible results in terms of accurate, well structured, reliable, error-free database.

Apart from assisting you with all your data conversion, we will also suggest tips to improve your existing site setup, design. Our team will guide your accurately on what will work best for your type of setup or if there is any need to convert xml to html or xml conversion to any other language. This will ensure better viewing and presentation of your website. At Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions, we believe our success lies in your success

E-Book Conversion

To compile a wide array of information into ebook is a specialized job especially when, the volume is large. Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions, a leading data outsourcing company offers you ebook conversion as one of its services. Any documents, images, drawings etc. you need to convert to ebook, we will do it for you in a fast and professional manner.

When data from printed matter on paper is compiled into electronic books, it is known as ebook conversion. This has become a very common procedure in today’s technology-savvy world. Company reports, analysis, data inputs, daily reports, work sheets etc. there are innumerable amount of data that may be needed to compiled and presented in a systematic manner. This facilitates easy reading, understanding and analysis of the situation in the company or outside it as the case may be. So a lot of businesses opt to compile and convert their widely scattered data into eBooks.

While making an ebook, we take into consideration the requirements of the client and accordingly proceed with the job. The idea is to put at the client’s disposal, information that are quickly accessible, understood and can be edited, if necessary. Therefore, our personnel disseminate and assemble the information in such a way that all the required and related information are at one place.

We can convert from printed matters, MS Word files, HTML, Quark etc into ebook format with proper indexing, bookmarks etc. Our staff is always receptive to your inputs regarding any customized services you might require. Needless to say, we use the latest scanners, ebook converter software, OCR to deliver the goods to your satisfaction.

Ebooks can be read on any computer or anywhere on a laptop or even read out by the computer with certain software. It also makes it easier to find data based on keywords. No searching through different pages. Just type in the word and the information jumps up on the screen. Besides, these can be easily edited and updated. Ebook files can be conveniently shared and stored with an endless lifetime. Ebooks are also very useful for publishers, authors.