Document Scanning

Every day businesses generate large volumes of paper work. Important documents, plans, layouts, photographs etc. in paper. Once it is done you need to store them and then issues regarding space, security, accessibility etc. needs to be tackled. The solution is document scanning and storing them as digitized data. An in house scan might work for small jobs. But scanning documents on large scale quite frequently, with different documents and different paper sizes requires a considerable amount of expertise to get the job done efficiently and rapidly.

Stubbornsoft Outsourcing Solutions provides document scanning services for different business needs. High end scanners are used to scan a document and then imaging software is used to rearrange the document into a proper easily readable format. Here we follow a very systematic format for our services. Firstly, texts and images may need to be corrected. Layouts and drawings are separated, cleaned and enhanced. All the data may need to be recompiled in some other format for easy retrieval.

Our high quality scanning includes the following: