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Interactive CD Multimedia presentations

In today’s world where competition is intense and knowledge is almost a religion one needs to ride the information highway to arrive in life. Communication in today’s time needs to be innovative and representative of the company it is originating from. Therefore no progressive organization can afford to have traditional mundane communication, new interactive multimedia offers immense potential to companies that wish to communicate very effectively and leave a lasting impression on their audience.

From simple slide shows to full-fledged video productions, Interactive CD presentations can be output onto any digital media: DVD, CD-Rom, Mini CD, or the appealing new Business-Card CD format.

Stubbornsoft is dedicated to delivering high-end multimedia development at a fair cost. We create presentations knowing that marketing is an important investment for you. We work in tight collaboration with your suggestions, your style and your budget. We aim "complete customer satisfaction".

Our clients often come to us with a vision of what they wish to build. As designers, programmers, researchers and storytellers, we bring functional form to your visions.

Some of our clients who have greatly benefited from this medium include:

Reasons for choosing Stubbornsoft’s Interactive CDs


Sales representatives and executives can use business presentations to market products, services, and ideas to potential customers and investors.

(Tailor Made)

Interactive business presentations permit the presenter to tailor the presentation to the audience’s needs. In Interest-driven presentations by Stubbornsoft, the presenter can access vast amounts of information at their fingertips with no two presentations ever being the same. This is in contrast to linear presentation like slides or videotape where the medium rather than the presenter or user controls the order and content of a presentation.


The first day on the job is the most important to a new employee, and proper orientation reduces turnover. An interactive presentation eliminates the need for busy HR professionals to spend time describing standard company information and benefits.

Interactive financial justification

Interactive presentations can collect data and perform calculations that show the financial justification and productivity gains from a product or service. Prospects see the benefits using numbers that they provide.


Stubbornsoft presentations provide consistency in sales presentations and training when several presenters are involved. The information a sales representative, distributor or dealer, or instructor needs is provided in an easy to use and effective form.

Training wherever, whenever needed

Interactive training presentation systems are used in the classroom, via CD-ROM, and over the internet. Self-paced interactive programs provide training wherever and whenever needed. In addition, because the program is interactive, only the content required to perform the task at hand needs to be covered. In this mode the presentation becomes a Performance Support System.

Cost savings

Self-paced interactive CDs require less time than traditional methods to acquire competency in a given skill. Significant cost savings can be achieved when the value of the learners’ time is taken into account.

Internet and/or CDROM delivery

Interactive training programs can be delivered via CD-ROM, Internet/Intranet or combinations of both. CD-ROM is best for delivery of media-rich information such as sound, video, and graphics. The Internet currently is best for tracking and testing users where the large file sizes demanded by sound and graphics slow down performance and clog corporate data networks. See Flash Web Sites

It Works!!

Capturing the essential power of technology, Stubbornsoft brings together all facets of strategic thinking, graphic artistry, impact messaging, and instructional design to a point of convergence – the outcome of which is the effective communication of your distinct positioning and distancing from your competition. Success – for you and us- that’s the only way we work!!!

The figure also reveals that although the developing cost of Interactive CD is higher the overall cost for the CDs is the least. It certainly is the most cost effective method for information dissemination.