Wireless/Mobile Solutions

We are a leading software development company for Internet-based information services for wireless devices such as mobile phones and Internet enabled PDAs and Java enabled mobile Phones. Our software compatibility spans a wide range of devices and networks, and we have cultivated strategic partnerships with major players in this field especially in the ASIA-Pacific Rim.

Besides WAP we are working on other Mobile technologies like I-mode and J-Phone to cater Asia-Pacific region where these technologies are more dominant in the mobile computing domain.

Stubbornsoft prepares to expand to new horizons to address Europe, America and rest of world and as well as on the technical front to address the upcoming Java-enabled devices market.

The backbone of these applications is the J2EE based framework. Stubbornsoft has developed core competency in addressing the wireless applications market with a combination of J2EE and J2ME.

Stubbornsoft provides wireless solutions for a variety of applications. Following are the niche areas we have expertise in.