Web Solutions

Well-conceived and planned web sites are an integral part of every organization’s communication needs. Offering an attractive, intuitive interface with a logical and easy to use navigation layout will make the difference between a happy visitor (and potential client) and a frustrated web surfer at your website.

A successful site (especially a corporate web site) begins by carefully planning a rewarding user experience. Stubbonrsoft pays special attention to the following aspect of your web site:

  • User interface design
  • Site flow and navigation
  • HTML integration with backend technologies
  • Maximization for search engines
  • Browser Compatibility, etc

Your website is an integral part of your image, identification and communication strategy. Stubbonrsoft offers a crucial blend of expertise including creative conception, brand sensitivity, and technical and interactive architecture skill and design execution. Combined with our other services, which include strategy, marketing, technology tools and data integration; we provide effective, cost-efficient and powerful interactive solutions for our clients.



Stubbornsoft Communications develops B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions that are fully integrated with a company’s existing business systems. We help businesses realize results from their e-commerce initiatives by building the framework, systems, tools, content, and compelling interface design required to empower customers to complete purchase transactions with ease and confidence. Our team is capable of handling all aspects of e-commerce strategy and development, including end-to-end security, distributed transaction processing, XML-based interoperability, and integration with online payment, order processing, content management, and customer relationship management systems.


Stubbornsoft helps companies leverage the Internet to strengthen customer relationships, increase efficiencies, and exploit new channels for selling products and services. With experience building complete, turnkey e-commerce solutions across multiple digital channels, Stubbornsoft can integrate or custom-build applications for product presentation and browsing, shopping cart functionality, order tracking, account management, payment resolution, personalization, content management, customer relationship management, as well as inventory and catalog management. We ensure that the solutions we deliver allow companies to manage and control the entire transaction cycle – from the initial customer contact, through to product selection, payment processing, and fulfillment.


Stubbornsoft works with companies to develop strategies for leveraging existing investments in technology and legacy data. We minimize the impact of an e-commerce solution on the traditional aspects of an enterprise by building projects with the company’s existing infrastructure and internal resource requirements in mind. Our technical architects carefully examine a company’s systems, making recommendations on the hardware and software required for the customized solution, providing input on "buy vs. build" decisions, and determining how the required third-party components will be integrated into the e-commerce application.


Stubbornsoft ensures that companies will be able to offer secure transaction processing online in order to win the confidence and loyalty of customers. We take advantage of the latest Internet security standards, including 128-bit SSL encryption, as well as emerging credit card processing standards such as SET. Our application services group ensures that systems are continually monitored and protected from security breaches, and that issues are managed from detection to resolution without any traffic interruption.


Internet technologies have presented businesses with greater opportunities to interact with and sell to customers directly, while presenting new challenges in maintaining the consistency of customer service across online and offline channels. Stubbornsoft works with companies to manage the cost of providing service and support to customers through multiple points of interaction. Based on a company’s internal resources, the nature of its e-commerce initiatives, and the needs of its customers, Stubbornsoft develops an integrated customer support infrastructure that will enable the company to manage service costs, maintain the quality of customer interactions, and capture valuable transaction data both online and offline.


As an Internet solutions provider to both domestic and global, Stubbornsoft Communications knows how to deliver superior solutions that make good business sense. Throughout the process of developing an e-commerce project, we place special emphasis on optimizing the security, performance, flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the solution. Our technical architects and developers have expertise creating custom solutions on the leading e-commerce platforms. As Internet technologies continue to evolve, we are devising innovative strategies for incorporating emerging technologies such as wireless applications and Microsoft.NET into our e-commerce solutions.

Flash websites

Macromedia Flash is the leading vector technology for designing high-impact, low-bandwidth Web sites that attract, engage, and retain site visitors – providing a richer, more compelling Web experience. The results of NPD Research show that 98.3% of Web users can seamlessly view Macromedia Flash content without having to download and install a player.

The use of Flash in your web site can make the difference – with your ideas and our realization it’s possible!

Flash can make either of these possible

  • Attractive and compelling flash sites that are informative and captivating for the user…
  • Cool Flash Animation that will make you laugh, and cry…
  • E-commerce enabled flash sites, search engine specialists, database integration, internet marketing consultation.
  • Flash movies that entertain, educate, inspire and entice…

Stubbornsoft has advanced Flash skills, we make extensive use of Action scripting and are capable of component based development in Flash. Stubbornsoft has developed completely database backed solutions making use of this tool and we would be glad to assist you in using Flash in the development of a fitting online presence.

Stubbornsoft uses the latest Flash MX to create web sites with far more dynamic and interactive content.

1. Fully animated navigation
2. Cutting edge visual effects
3. Sound and animation that loads quickly
4. Online presentation with dazzling effects, sound & eye-catching graphics
5. Rich-user interfaces that enhance user experience
6. Rich-media online advertising

Website Maintenance

Web Maintenance Services can substantially reduce your web costs by eliminating the need to hire full time programmers, web designers, or train employees. By outsourcing your web maintenance services, content management system and email campaigning to us, we help you concentrate in your core competencies and attain competitive advantage.

The visitors to your website are not static; therefore it’s imperative that your online presence is dynamic. There are no guarantees the visitors will return once they leave. A successful website presents reasons for viewers to revisit the site.

Every time a user visits, there should be some incentive – new information, existing developments, or an interactive element. The interval between updates should be shorter than the average interval between visits. Our web site maintenance services are tailored to deliver work on your website, including text updates, graphics, and simple programming at lower cost. We also provide web site maintenance contract for specific durations.

Home pages that distinctly change prove to visitors that the site has been updated and they assure potential customers of the thorough going viability of your operation.
Following a web site maintenance process you can keep your site Updated & well maintained. Best to safeguard your investments simply acquire web maintenance outsourcing services at affordable prices.

Outsource Maintenance

Outsourcing the maintenance is contracting out the management and development of a process wherein Stubbornsoft undertakes all necessary changes to your site. This way the companies can concentrate on their core competencies leaving rest of the business activities to us.

Content Management System

For clients those prefer to update and maintain their site themselves, a web content management system is the ideal solution. Having a content management system ensures that the design of your website remains unchanged and the content can be updated without the need for programming or HTML knowledge. Our experience in delivering web maintenance services has enabled us to provide you with the best web content management system workflow.

 Email Campaigns

Effective & Successful E-mail campaign designed & implemented by Stubbornsoft assist you to keep your customers and prospects informed of your services. Stubbornsoft provides customer list management, multiple format email, fast delivery, email statistics including the number of emails that were actually opened and we will disable incorrect email addresses automatically. The email campaigns are designed and customized as per client requirement.